Implentation of Real Time Governance for Sales Operations of Baur Technologies


Baur Technologies, a premium School Management software provider reached out to us to improve the efficiency of their Sales Operations. Biggest challenge they were facing was the efforts involved in tracking their sales persons. Relying on the data provided by the sales persons was not adequate to measure the individual performance as the data could be easily manipulated. This was impacting their operations cost as the time involved in identifying true performers was almost six months.

Some of the key questions that could not be answered were:

  • Did the sales person really visit the school?
  • Was the product actually demonstrated at the school?
  • How much distance did the sales person travel in the month?
  • How many schools did the sales person visit during the month?
  • What is the total time spent by the sales person on field?


As a technology partner of Baur Technologies,Vitana offered a solution to govern their Sales Operations.


  • Delivered a mobile app that is capable of tracking the Sales Person location in real time.
  • Product demonstrations were uploaded into youtube.
  • A visit/demo signoff page implemented in Baur CRM.
  • A Control Room Page was implemented in Baur CRM where the Sales Managers can track the real time location and activities of their Sales Persons.
  • Summary report was emailed for each Sales Person on a daily basis.

Result Metrics:

  • Sales Person Performance Evaluation came down to two months
  • Number of school visits per month doubled
  • Operation expenses came down by 37.6%
  • Monthly revenue went up by 58%

Strengths Demonstrated:

  • Innovation
  • Mobile App Development
  • Building Marketing Material
  • Business Intelligence
  • Software Development

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