Vitana has experience of facilitating Offshore setup and expansions. Our specialty lies not only lies in hiring but also in Attrition Forecasting, Resource Planning & Legal Support.

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Rapid ‘Off Shore’ hiring for a Financial Bank


One of our prestigious clients, a Financial bank was struggling in their off-shore expansions for their software development and consumer care.

Some of the hurdles which were slowing them down are:

  • Ability to hire remotely.
  • Planning in advance for Attrition.
  • Handling impact of ‘No Shows’ after waiting for two to three months of notice period.
  • Exploring internship opportunities.


Vitana Private Limited acted as their ‘Global Staffing Partner’ and resolved all the issues aggressively within a three months.

Staffing Approach:

  • Built a wrapper around the local hiring portals for not only filtering out fake profiles but also gave the hiring managers an ability to find closest matches through a ‘Prospect List Builder’.
  • Delivered an ‘Attrition Forecast’ tool which enabled them to identify and plan potential attrition by applying patterns to employee attendance, productivity, quality and activities in the hiring portals.
  • A visit/demo signoff page implemented in Vitana CRM.
  • Helped in legal binding of the new hires to honor the offer letters.
  • Partnered with national premier institutes for ‘Internship Programs’.

Result Metrics:

  • Interview to hire ratio came down to 1:4 from 1:26
  • 72% accuracy in the Attrition Forecasting
  • No Shows dropped to 3%
  • Interns brought down the employee cost by 8%
  • Overall, staffing expenses went down by 58%

Strengths Demonstrated:

  • Innovation
  • Mobile App Development
  • Building Marketing Material
  • Business Intelligence
  • Software Development

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