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Partnered for ‘AUDIT’ with a leading Project Management Tool.


Our client a premium Project Management Solution Provider was looking to enhance their product with a module focused on quality in the software development process.

Some of the key questions that could not be answered were:

  • How can we inject quality focus right from the specification stage?
  • How to enable the non-technical business analysts to effectively partner with technical programmers?
  • How to improve collaboration between Product Development, Engineering & Quality Assurance Departments?
  • How to identify and fix the defects before the actual implementation?


Vitana developed a component called ‘AUDIT’ for quality monitoring right from specifications and integrated into the client software.

Basic Features:

  • Facilitates ‘Behavior Driven Development’.
  • Translates the specifications provided in pure English to programmable Test Scenarios.
  • Maps the features and test scenarios.
  • Provides a continuous integration environment which automates the feature implementation validation.
  • Carries a rich integrated notification mechanism.

Result Metrics:

  • Average Client ‘Defect Fix’ cost went down by 53%.
  • In-Store sales increased by 800%.
  • New Sales revenue increased by 400%.

Strengths Demonstrated:

  • Innovation
  • Mobile App Development
  • Building Marketing Material
  • Business Intelligence
  • Software Development

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